Table Tennis ‘Star’-Canvas Embossed Flooring

The award and closing ceremonies of 2022 world Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Chengdu were held last night. Chinese National Table Tennis Team lifted the trophy for a 10th consecutive occasion and a 22nd occasion overall. The stars never lived up to our expectation over the past years, for they went all out for a win. The spirits of athletes have inspired generations of audiences especially youngsters to overcome obstacles.

Table Tennis, is also known as ‘ping-pong’ in Chinese, and a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table, which has obtained increasing popularity from people aged 3 to 70. Also China leads the world in Table Tennis penetration, with China’s dominant trend continuing.

Protect yourself from being injuries is the first class of PE lesson. So being in a comfortable sports court is essential, no matter you are professional or amateur players. Table Tennis Flooring, as the indispensable part of sports court, however, the standard is not absolutely consistent, except ITTF certificated product(Our Star Flooring Product):

news①1.5mm Wear-Resistant Layer to indentation heavy traffic and abrasion.

②Better surface treatment to avoid scratches.

③Optimal Foam Ratio:2.8times

④Easy to install, clean and maintain.

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Post time: Oct-10-2022