Guardwe Comfy Court03 for Multi-purpose Sports Court

Multi-purpose sports facilities offer a wide range of sports opportunities, through sound planning, can significantly expand the range of sports on offer and attract more athletes.

The concept of a “multi-purpose sports ” may sound complicated in principle, but in practice it can be quite simple. For example, a simple smooth concrete surface, PP Interlocking Tiles are also in principle already multi-purpose sports court. Athletes doing different sports could soon be seen using the huge area for their activities–Basketball,Volleyball,Tennis... Spaces are needed to be able to do sports – many sports enthusiasts who prefer certain types of sport and forms of exercise are already satisfied with such ‘simple’ solutions. 

As a supplier of one-stop solution to sports venues worldwide, we dedicated to provide selective products to our users. Here is a modular for multi-purpose sports court are waiting for you to evaluate, which is called Comfy Court.


•Elastic Cushion (50pcs)

•Excellent Combination of traditional and modern state-of-art court Technologies.

•Longer Service Life

•Aesthetic surface design with durable & UV-resistant

•Unique anti-slip finish offers increased grip

•Higher ball rebound and comfortable foot feeling

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Post time: Oct-19-2022