Air Badminton- The new outdoor Game

01. Introduction

In 2019 the Badminton World Federation (BWF) in collaboration with HSBC, its Global Development Partner, successfully launched the new outdoor game – AirBadminton – and the new outdoor shuttlecock – the AirShuttle – at a ceremony in Guangzhou, China. AirBadminton is an ambitious new development project designed to create opportunities for people of all ages and ability to play badminton on hard, grass and sand surfaces in parks, gardens, streets, playgrounds and beaches around the world.
Badminton as we know it is a popular, fun and inclusive sport with more than 300 million active players globally, encouraging participation and excitement with a plethora of health and social benefits. Given that most people first experience badminton in an outdoor environment, the BWF is now making it easier for everyone to access the sport through a new outdoor game and a new shuttlecock.

02. Why play AirBadminton?

① It encourages participation and excitement
② Just one hour of badminton can burn around 450 calories
③ It’s fun and inclusive
④ It can prevent stress
⑤ It’s great for speed, strength and agility
⑥ It can reduce the risk of myopia in children
⑦ You can play it anywhere, on hard, grass or sand surfaces
⑧ It can help maintain a healthy weight

Post time: Jun-16-2022